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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

.Encik kacak.

first entry untuk dia yg semakin kukuh bertahta di hati...
mengharapkan hubungan aku ngn si kacak di rehdoi n diberkati allah...
25 to describe about si kacak saya.

1. He is never nasty.
2. He is never busy when I talk to him.
3. He replays right after I tell him something.
4. He laughs at my jokes .
5. He never makes fun of my serious stories.
6. He lets me share my happy and sad news with him.
7. He shares with me his news as well.
8. He agrees with what I say and never makes me nervous.
9. He tells me that am beautiful.
10. He listens to my music.
11. He is handsome.
12. He stays up late so he can talk to me.
13. He always tells me how much he misses me :(.
14. He always makes me feel that am an important person in his life.
15. He is sweet.
16. He makes me smile every time I talk to him.
17. He cares about me.
18. He discusses my decisions with me.
10. He calls me "my angel".
20. He makes me feel comfortable.
21. He is there almost every time I need him.
22. He makes me feel special.
23. He is never stupid.
24. He talks to me as if I were his responsibility.
25. He tells me to take care of myself.
and most important He is my ustaz...

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